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5 Lesser-Known Factors That Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

5 Lesser-Known Factors That Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

October 11, 2023

Car insurance rates don't follow a one-size-fits-all formula. Your auto insurance rate is a complex concoction influenced by various factors. While you're likely well aware of the usual suspects like your driving history, brace yourself, because that's just the tip of the iceberg. Numerous hidden variables lurk in the shadows, slyly manipulating your coverage costs.

At Hurley Insurance Group, we're on a mission to shed light on the mysteries of insurance policies and empower our clients to navigate them with confidence. Keep reading to uncover five undercover culprits that are sneakily affecting your auto insurance expenses and brace yourself for some eye-opening revelations!

Insurance Based Credit Score

A less-than-stellar insurance based credit score could be responsible for driving up the cost of your auto insurance. It’s not uncommon for insurers to review your insurance score when calculating your rate. While it might seem odd that an insurance company is concerned with your creditworthiness, examining your insurance score helps them gauge how much of a risk you pose from an auto insurance perspective. Your score isn't just a reflection of your borrowing history; it's a window into your financial stability that insurers use to assess your risk profile.

Marital Status

While getting hitched doesn’t score you some type of "marriage discount" on your auto insurance, it can play a part in lowering your rate. But why in the world would insurance companies care about your love life?

Well, it’s a lot like your credit score – it's all about assessing the risk they're taking on. Married couples have statistically proven themselves as safer drivers, which means fewer headaches for insurance companies when it comes to paying out claims. However, it's worth noting that in a few states in the US, they aren’t allowed to consider your relationship status when crunching those numbers.

Education Level

Your educational background can impact your car insurance premiums. Although its influence varies depending on the state you reside in. When education level does play a role in determining your car insurance rates, it still is not the primary factor. However, studies have shown that those with higher levels of education tend to be a bit gentler on the gas pedal, filing fewer claims, and therefore they receive lower rates. So, while your education level isn’t the one calling the shots when it comes to auto insurance, it does have a seat at the table when insurers calculate your rates.


Many new homeowners experience a surprising 5% to 10% drop in their auto insurance rates, but why does this happen? Well, to insurance companies, owning a home is like a big thumbs-up. Proving that you were deemed mortgage material and they can trust you. But does owning a home magically transform you into a pro driver? Not quite, but the two certainly go hand and hand.

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